Antonios Ninos
Lifesaving / First Aid Instructor

Antonios is excited to join SunBright Aquatics this summer. He has experience teaching many different kinds of swimming programs for the City of Mississauga, as well as various sports programs, and he will be teaching the bronze levels and first aid courses with us. Antonios has completed his program in Finance at Sheridan College, and is now pursuing his interest in recreational services. Antonios loves pushing his students to improve, as seeing them succeed is his passion. 


Nickname – Tony

Favourite Summer Activity – Dancing on the beach

Favourite Holiday – New Years Eve

If I Were Famous For Something, It Would Be – Training the greatest number of superheroes 

Favourite Subject in High School – Math

Top Item on my Bucket List –Eating all the food in Italy 

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be – A panda bear

If I Could Have One Superpower It Would It Be – Locating lost objects

My Dream Job Growing Up – Red Power Ranger 

What I Miss About Being A Kid –Everlasting energy and endless games.

The kids absolutely loved Samantha as an instructor and I did too – she was always prompt and accommodating for any minor changes that needed to be made. She was really great with the kids as well, catering seamlessly to their different swim levels and the fun games she had for them to play.

- S. Vidmar

My kids had a fantastic time learning to swim with Jordan. He was reliable, he showed up on time and ready to go for all the lessons. He was great with all three kids and made the lessons a lot of fun for them. Even now, in November, they are still talking about their lessons with him.

- M. Ford

All of my children have excelled in the individual services that Caitlin Howell offers for swimming lessons. The convenience of having lessons in our own backyard coupled with Caitlin’s competent and capable staff has ensured an accelerated completion of the swimming tiers.

- D. Parsons

I just wanted to let you know as well that Samantha was great. The kids really enjoyed her and she was very accommodating when I had to move around some of the lesson dates.

- K. Waschkowski