Ryan Darmody

Ryan Darmody

Swim Instructor & Lifeguard

South Mississauga

Ryan is joining the expert SunBright Aquatics team for the summer session! He will be going into his senior year of high school next year, and is 17 years old. He has previous experience as a black belt teaching karate to kids, teenagers and adults. He is looking forward to the opportunity of working with your children and is pumped to teach them the skills they need to become strong, confident and safe swimmers!

Nickname – Ry

Favourite Summer Activity – Going to the beach

Favourite Holiday – Christmas

If I Were Famous For Something, It Would Be – It would be my unpopular sense of humour and irony.

Favourite Subject in High School – English

Top Item on my Bucket List – Traveling the World

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be – An Eagle

If I Could Have One Superpower It Would It Be – Invisibility

My Dream Job Growing Up – A Film Director

What I Miss About Being A Kid – Innocence and Simplicity