Madalaine Riviglia

Swim Instructor and Lifeguard


Madalaine is joining the Sunbright aquatics team for the summer season. She will be going into her third year at Western studying a dual degree for biomedical and chemical engineering. She has previous experience teaching swimming to many kids of all ages through the Town of Oakville for over two years. She is super excited to be working with Sunbright and teaching your children all the swim skills they need this summer. She can’t wait to meet everyone!

Nickname – Maddy

Favourite Summer Activity – Going on walks in the trails

Favourite Holiday – Christmas

If I Were Famous For Something, It Would Be – Dance

Favourite Subject in High School – Chemistry

Top Item on my Bucket List – Travel to Australia

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be – Elephant

If I Could Have One Superpower It Would It Be – To fly!

My Dream Job Growing Up – Teacher

What I Miss About Being A Kid – Recess