Julia Seymour

Julia Seymour

Swim Instructor & Lifeguard


Julia is joining the Sunbright aquatics team for this summer season. She is going into her first year at the University of Guelph studying Honours Biomedical Science. She has built previous experience as a swim instructor at the Oakville Swim Academy. Julia is super excited to make a splash and begin teaching this summer!

Nickname – Ju

Favourite Summer Activity – Spending time at the cottage

Favourite Holiday – Christmas

If I Were Famous For Something, It Would Be – Knowing almost all the elements on the periodic table

Favourite Subject in High School – Chemistry

Top Item on my Bucket List – To go surfing!

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be – An Owl

If I Could Have One Superpower It Would It Be – Mind reading

My Dream Job Growing Up – A Doctor

What I Miss About Being A Kid – Recess at school