Julia Morrell

Julia Morrell

Swim Instructor and Lifeguard

South Mississauga

Julia is joining the dynamic Sunbright aquatics team for the summer season. Julia attends Clarkson High School and is very involved there as part of the Student Council, drama club, and several sports teams, including cross country, swimming, frisbee and soccer. As a member of the swim team they went to OFSAA. Julia was a student with Sunbright Aquatics for several years and is now looking forward to turning those skills into helping other young people learn to swim. She is super excited to be working with Sunbright and teaching your children all the swim skills they need this summer!

Nickname – Jules

Favourite Summer Activity – Going to the cottage to wakeboard

Favourite Holiday – Christmas

If I Were Famous For Something, It Would Be – For helping others

Favourite Subject in High School – Drama Class

Top Item on my Bucket List – Going to a Coldplay concert

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be – A golden retriever

If I Could Have One Superpower It Would It Be – To read minds

My Dream Job Growing Up – A criminal Lawyer

What I Miss About Being A Kid – Having my parents help clean my room