Josh Murno

Swim Instructor and Lifeguard


Josh is excited to be returning to the dynamic SunBright Aquatics team this summer! He really enjoyed teaching private swimming lessons with us last summer and getting to work one-on-one to help his students progress with the swimming skills. He is a certified bilingual in French and has played baseball and hockey in Burlington for the past 10 years. He is very excited to be working with SunBright and teaching your children all the swim skills they need this summer!

Nickname – Josh

Favourite Summer Activity – Swimming

Favourite Holiday – Christmas

If I Were Famous For Something, It Would Be – Baseball

Favourite Subject in High School – Physical Education

Top Item on my Bucket List – Travel Europe

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be – Crocodile

If I Could Have One Superpower It Would It Be – Super speed

My Dream Job Growing Up – Defense lawyer

What I Miss About Being A Kid – Zero responsibility