Our Wonderful Clients

The kids absolutely loved Samantha as an instructor and I did too – she was always prompt and accommodating for any minor changes that needed to be made. She was really great with the kids as well, catering seamlessly to their different swim levels and the fun games she had for them to play.

– S. Vidmar

My kids had a fantastic time learning to swim with Jordan. He was reliable, he showed up on time and ready to go for all the lessons. He was great with all three kids and made the lessons a lot of fun for them. Even now, in November, they are still talking about their lessons with him.

– M.  Ford

All of my children have excelled in the individual services that Caitlin Howell offers for swimming lessons. The convenience of having lessons in our own backyard coupled with Caitlin’s competent and capable staff has ensured an accelerated completion of the swimming tiers.

– D. Parsons

I just wanted to let you know as well that Samantha was great. The kids really enjoyed her and she was very accommodating when I had to move around some of the lesson dates.

– K. Waschkowski

Zoe has progressed so much! She started off needing floaties in the pool and now she can jump into the deep end with no floaties and swim to the shallow end. It’s amazing!

– L. Ng

It was a wonderful swimming experience for my sons this summer. Our instructor was super-great and my boys enjoyed it! He helped my son to have confidence and the will to be in the water. Before the lessons began, my son was afraid of the pool water instead wishing to simply run around the pool deck. After eight lessons, he can swim one width of the pool, jump in and go in the deep end! Just last week, he jumped off the diving board in to the deep end without assistance.

– K. Russo

My kids loved the swimming and Sam was an amazing instructor

– J. Fiore

My daughter really enjoyed the classes with both her female instructors; they were both excellent in building Ariana’s confidence in the pool.

– S. Fiorino

Caitlin has taught my two children swimming lessons for the past 3 years. Caitlin’s professional yet friendly approach to teaching has been instrumental in ensuring that they continue to advance to higher swim levels through the LifeSaving Society program every year creating a fun environment. The kids look forward to their lessons and always ask over the winter if Caitlin will be teaching them again next summer which is a true testament to her ability to create a kid-friendly learning environment in the comfort of our own pool while ensuring the children’s swimming abilities are always improving.

– K. Fraser

Great overall experience with SunBright Aquatics. Caitlin was responsive and flexible from the beginning stages of scheduling lessons with our boys. The lessons were well structured and she introduced a variety of games and techniques to keep the kids having fun while taking them to the next level of swimming. We are looking forward to having her come back again this summer!

– L. Cabel

Caitlin is an amazing swim instructor – a perfect mix of fun and serious. She works the kids hard so that they achieve excellent results but in a way that is enjoyable. My kids actually ask me to sign them up for swim lessons now! Sunbright Aquatics is the perfect way to fit swim lessons into our busy schedule. Flexible lesson times in my own backyard – what more could I ask for!

– K. Kenzora

My daughter has taken private swimming lessons with Caitlin for 2 summers now. I never would have imagined how quickly she would progress. Every week we see a huge difference in her abilities, and confidence. Caitlin keeps her interested, engaged and having tons of fun, every lesson.

– R. Duqette

I engaged Caitlin last summer for swimming lessons for my 3 sons ages 3, 5 & 7. Caitlin coordinated a swim schedule that met my family’s schedule. Our instructor Stefanie easily assessed the level of the 3 boys and was able to cater a swim class to each of them. She was on time, organized and professional. She was able to challenge the boys to the appropriate level while also increasing their confidence and developing their love of swimming. The boys responded very well to her and it was a fight each lesson for who could go in the pool first. In their set of lessons each of the boys progressed further than they would have in a year of public swimming lessons. The individual level coaching and having Stefanie right in the water allowed them to progress beyond my expectations. My older sons are swimming ‘above’ their level for their age and my 3 year old went from a fear of water to a love of water. Any lessons cancelled due to the weather were made up at a convenient time. I also used Caitlin and her team to lifeguard at birthday parties. I have recommended SunBright Aquatics to many friends and will continue to do so.

– J. Fischer

We had the pleasure last summer to have SunBright Aquatic’s give private swimming lessons to our 17 month old twins. It was their first swimming lessons and they were not too excited about the pool. Stefanie who was there instructor was so good with them, she was very patient and knew exactly how to make them feel comfortable and secure in the water. By the end of the first lesson she had both of them in the pool and loving it. They couldn’t wait each week for their lesson. I will definitely be signing them up again this summer and I would highly recommend SunBright. They were very professional and accommodating too fit the lessons around nap time and weather conditions.

– L. Galli