About Us

Our History

SunBright Aquatics was created in 2011 by our founder, Caitlin Howell. We are a luxury service offering private swimming lessons in the comfort of your own backyard. Results will be maximized by working directly with students in a one-on-one environment with the instructor. The ultimate benefit allows students to complete and progress through the Lifesaving Society swim levels faster and more efficiently.

Summers are for making lifelong memories.

…the first cannonball of the season.

…swimming the length of the pool in one breath.

…the repeated calls of, “Look at me!” as a camera captures the greatest feat in all of kid-kind.

…eating popsicles poolside while mom tells you to wait 30 minutes before jumping back in.

…sunkissed cheeks, wrinkly fingertips, the smell of sunscreen on your skin and chlorine in your hair.

…the indescribable feeling that summer’s never ever gonna end.

For a kid, the backyard pool was a place that held so much potential.
And for us, that’s still true!

SunBright Aquatics was born out of a passion for helping kids become confident and safety-conscious swimmers at any skill level.

And we do that in the comfort of your own backyard.

It’s here that little fish earn their fins and future lifeguards learn what they’re made of.

A safe space to try something new. Because we know what may come easily to one swimmer, may not for another.

Some swimmers feel like they were dolphins in their past lives.

Others don’t feel quite as at home in the water. And that’s okay.

We’ll meet your swimmer where they’re at.

Our team of certified instructors tailor our learn-to-swim lessons to your child’s skill level, so they learn faster and have way more fun.

So what memories will your swimmer make this summer?

With the help of SunBright Aquatics, your child is only one swim away from…

…becoming the kid that never wants to leave the pool.

…conquering their fear of dunking their head underwater.

…confidently swimming to the bottom of the deep end.

…taking their first steps (or strokes) to become a lifeguard or swim instructor.

The best summer you can give your kids …

…is one where you pass on memories from your own “Best summer ever.”

It all starts with a foundation in swim safety that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

One swim can make a summer. And one summer can inspire lifelong confidence.

With a goal in mind, perseverance, and a trusted mentor cheering them on, kids learn that they can achieve anything. And that’s a lesson that started in the pool, but one they’ll have for life.

Let the joy of swimming start at home.

Let’s summer together! Join the SunBright Aquatics family.